Prom is an exciting time for many teenagers. There's dancing, formal wear and the anticipation of being elected prom king or queen. For senior Daniel Raines, it was a night to remember.

Daniel has Down syndrome, a condition that has in no way impeded his gift of making those around him smile. Daniel has a lot of love to share and an attitude conducive to that goal.

One of the many people touched by Daniel is his friend Chelsey. Their relationship led Chelsey to start a social media campaign with the hope of getting Daniel elected prom king.

"Two weeks ago I started a campaign on Facebook and it skyrocketed overnight," she said

The response from Sequoyah High School students was strong and lead to Daniel and his good friend Molly being voted prom king and queen.

"It means the world to me just to know that other kids want to see Daniel and Molly just as happy as I do, it's amazing. Just the littlest bit of love for these guys goes a long way. It melts my heart."

For this happy couple the night is one they soon won't forget.

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