A Kentucky Animal Shelter devastated by a fire at the end of last month got some big help on Monday.

The Knox-Whitley County animal shelter in Kentucky has been struggling to care for animals that survived the fire, so animal rescue group 'Wagging Hearts' is taking 21 puppies, 12 dogs, and 5 cats to permanent homes, fosters and rescues in the Chicago area.

Wagging Hearts has been taking animals to Illinois about once a week since the fire in November. Thirty-four cats, at least one dog, and a guinea pig died in the fire.

The shelter will reopen at its temporary location in Corbin on Tuesday.

One volunteer is amazed at the community support since that fire.

"People's caring for animals knows no boundaries. The community has come forward, rescues of all kinds have come forward to help, foundations are helping us, volunteers, fosters are coming forward. It's amazing how much people are coming forward and want to help," said volunteer Theresa Martin.

The Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter typically takes in 700 animals a month, and eight-thousand a year.