Matt Tunstall started "Stall Talk" three years ago. Steve Butera

(WBIR-Knoxville) Three years since UT graduate Matt Tunstall started thinking and developing the concept of portable bathroom advertising, the business "Stall Talk" is taking off he said.

"65 toilets, lined up next to each other at World's Fair Park, it's just -- lightbulb," Tunstall said Sunday, recalling the idea of "Stall Talk."

These portapotties can be seen at Neyland Stadium, stacked in three and fours with plastic wrap with various ads. Tunstall said thought of using these flat edges could make the plastic bathrooms an instant billboard.

"October 2011, wrote a business plan. November 2011, I was asked to present in the Young Entrepreneurial Conference. Ended up co-winning. They gave me $2,500 and an office in Technology 2020," he added.

He said recently he received funding totaling more than $1 million to continue the endeavor through a benefactor.

His mentor is Doug Minter, a Business Development Manager with the Knoxville Chamber. He helps with other small businesses with young people -- and says often 'Millennials' don't get the best recognition they deserve in the industry.

"The 'Creative Class' -- as they call them. I think we talk down to them, too often, and we have to show them 'you are quality,'" Minter said.

Tunstall said in February, he will start hiring associates to join the "Stall Talk" company -- he said the potential of 100 people could be employed with Knoxville-based company. Talks with other SEC schools to use the business model, he added.

The 29-year-old had some advice for future business owners.

"You're going to tell your friends about it," Tunstall said. "They're going to say something poor to it, and that's it's never going to happen. My advice to you is to just try it."

He adds future work includes adding digital signage for the portable bathrooms, that would involve local Knoxville film companies to help create more advertising.

For more information, visit Stall Talk's website.

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