Out in the Smokies, some businesses thrive from the tourism aspect. And this week's possible snow fall could keep people from touring the area.

Joe Shoemaker owns and runs A.J.'s Hearth and Kettle Restaurant in Townsend.

He said his business depends on tourism, but if it snows, he has to close. This is because his a number of his employees live in the mountains where the plows cannot get to.

He said it's hard enough to stay afloat without closing down shop.

"It's spotty, all of Townsend. It's like a beach town in New England. It's really slow in the winter and make our money in the summer. That's why I am one of the few places open this time of year," said Shoemaker.

Shoemaker has owned his restaurant for 10 years. He says that is longer than any other restaurant owners in the area.

He's hoping that March will bring in a busy spring, and eventually a busy summer as well.

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