Regen Morris died early Christmas morning after suffering from brain cancer.


(WBIR) - Regen Morris died early Christmas morning after battling brain cancer. His mother, Tishia Maples Morris, took to his Facebook page to say Regen passed away at 3:40 a.m.

She wrote, "I can't imagine my days without him. My heart is broken but Regen is whole, healthy and happy. He will never have to suffer again and we are so very thankful for that. This is our Christmas miracle. I am happy to do the suffering so he doesn't have to."

Regen first entered the hospital in November 2012. Doctors diagnosed him with an aggressive brain cancer that's difficult to treat because the tumors grow like vines, making them tough to target.

Regen's aunt, Joy Maples, established a Facebook page called Rootin' for Regen to ask people to pray for her nephew's recovery. As of December 25, 2013, the page had more than 30 thousand "likes."

Regen's dad told WBIR in April that the support his son received from the community and the world lifted his spirits.

"We get cards and letters from across the country, even around the world," said Morris. "We don't understand it all, we don't know what it's all about but we're thankful for everything."