The bitter cold can be a problem for grape vines. Our up-and-down temperatures over the last few days and extremely low temperatures can damage grape crops.

A grower in Loudon County says the most vulnerable grape in this type of weather is the muscadine. He says one way to protect the crop is to hold off on pruning.

"When a grape vine gets killed by cold weather, it gets killed from the tip of the shute to the branches back toward the trunk. So, if you've gone ahead and pruned them, then what gets killed is what you were counting on for your crop the next year. If you don't, then maybe what gets killed will get cut of anyway, and there will be less damage," said John Watkins.

He recommends pruning in late February or March.

Growers won't know right away how much damage the below freezing temperatures caused the grapes until they're pruned.

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