State leaders are stepping on the gas and trying to convince Volkswagen to bring another vehicle to Chattanooga.

This comes after local workers rejected the United Auto Workers union last week.

Before the vote, Republican leaders warned unionizing would squash future expansion at the plant. Now, they're working to make sure VW brings its new Crossblue SUV to Tennessee.

It's a move that would ramp up vehicle production from 150,000 vehicles to a quarter million per year, and it would add hundreds of new jobs.

Local leaders say expansion makes sense.

"They've made a big commitment so far, to leverage the investment in the plant. It makes sense for them to have a second vehicle," said Charles Wood with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

"I spoke at length last night with the governor. We've been in conversations today with Volkswagen Germany, through representatives and have set up meetings, phone meetings later this week," said Sen. Bob Corker.

State lawmakers offered more than a half billion dollars in incentives to Volkswagen when it first decided on Chattanooga. Expansion could mean even more money.

At this time, there is no definite timeline on how soon an announcement could come.

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