Both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly plan to meet tonight, even though state government has closed. Lawmakers plan to vote on the wine bill and other legislation if a quorum of two-thirds of the members have arrived.

The state Senate and House of Representatives are scheduled to start session at 5 p.m. Central.

Reported earlier:

The Tennessee Senate is scheduled to vote tonight on legislation that would let supermarkets, convenience stores and big-box retailers sell wine.

The Senate is expected to approve a bill that already has cleared the state House of Representatives that also overhauls the state's liquor laws and lets liquor distributors set up shop in new markets. If it does, the measure would go on to Gov. Bill Haslam's desk for signature.

The legislation, House Bill 610, would let grocery stores start selling wine in July 2016, provided voters approve through local referendums. The bill also lets liquor stores sell items other than alcohol while maintaining the state's ban on wine sales on Sundays.

The bill would conclude seven years of debate over wine in grocery stores. Both chambers already have passed wine-in-grocery stores legislation once, and tonight's vote should iron out minor differences between the two versions.

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