A brutal murder case has been stumping St. Louis, Mo. detectives for decades, but now they have new evidence that could lead them to Tennessee.

In the early 1980s, police found the body of an 11-year-old girl dead inside a St. Louis home. The killer strangled, sexually assaulted, and decapitated her. Investigators never found the head, and no one claimed the body.

But this week, detectives dug up the body of the girl and used advanced imaging technology to trace her origins. They say she's likely from the South, anywhere from Texas to the Carolinas, or Florida to Tennessee.

One of the original investigators hopes the new discovery will lead to long-awaited justice.

"We can do justice for her. We can find out who did this maybe. He might have done something similar to this somewhere else. We'll make sure justice does its job," said Joe Burgoon, retired police detective.

Investigators say the information is giving them renewed focus and hope they can narrow down leads.

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