(WBIR- Knoxville) Court documents show investigators believe jewelry belonging to Norman Clark could be the key to convicting him for the deaths of his girlfriend and unborn child.

Norman Eugene Clark was charged with first degree murder and felony murder last week, for the murders of Brittany Eldridge and her unborn son, Zeke. Brittany was found dead in her apartment on December 13, 2011.

Investigators noted in the warrant requests that it appeared the apartment was "made to look like a burglary/home invasion, however valuable items were passed over and various drawers and items were very apparently left open with items placed strategically." There was no sign of forced entry.

10News obtained three affidavits in support of search warrants filed by Knoxville Police Department investigators; one for Clark's home, one for his cell phone and electronic records, and another for DNA samples.

A major piece of evidence investigators were trying to track down involved jewelry worn by Clark. According to the affidavit, there was an impression in the blood found on Eldridge's shoulder that was consistent with "some type of jewelry worn by the perpetrator."

Investigators wrote that Clark was wearing a pair of diamond earrings during an interview and in security camera footage from hie employer that could match that impression. Several pairs of earrings and other jewelry was seized from Clark's home during a search on May 14, 2014.

Clark was arrested that same day. Clark is being held on a million dollar bond at Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility.

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The documents reveal that Eldridge was found naked in her bedroom and covered in blood. She was strangled, and stabbed, likely with a pair of scissors, after her death. Investigators found short, black hairs on her body that were tested to see if they belonged to Clark.

The warrant requests claim that the only things found missing from Eldridge's apartment were her cell phone and a pair of scissors.

DNA tests also confirmed that Clark was the father of Eldridge's unborn son, Zeke.

Investigators also believe that Clark and Eldridge were fighting over the baby before her death, according to the documents. A friend of Eldridge's told investigators the two "had been fighting over Mr, Clark's involvement or lack there of in the life of his unborn child." Clark also admitted to a "tumultuous relationship" with Eldridge.

That same friend told investigators that Clark was supposed to go to Eldridge's apartment the night she died. Cell phone records indicate that Clark was in the vicinity of her apartment that night, but Clark denied going there.

Emails obtained from the company where both Clark and Eldridge worked also implied the two were meeting the night she died. On December 12, Eldridge sent an email to Clark that read in part, "..so just in case you don't get my text telling you that I'm at home, you can come over anytime after 8:45." Clark replied a minute later with, "I will text or call on my way!"

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