While many of us are still deciding what we want our new year's resolutions to be, some East Tennesseans are already starting theirs, and hoping to inspire others in the process.

Bryan Paschell took part in Covenant Health's 'Biggest Winner' challenge last year, and was actually named the Biggest Winner.

He began training in October and took those practices right through the entire year. He lost more than 70 pounds, and says you can apply many of the same practices he gained to your new year's resolutions.

"It is hard and it's not going to be easy. There will be days where you have good days and bad days. The main thing is to stick with it and just to persevere," said Paschell.

Some people at Monday's training session are contestants currently training for this year's Biggest Winner challenge. That will culminate with the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon on March 30th of next year.