(WBIR-Knoxville, Tenn.) More hula hoops are popping up around Knoxville!

The circle tube is combining fun and fitness.

Edwards' exercise routine is turning heads and creating visible results.Charity Edwards, a yoga and hooping instructor, created a company called Hoop Bug. The West Knox County mother teaches hooping classes at Broadway Academy of Performing Arts in North Knoxville.

"I lost two pant sizes since I started," said six-week hooping student Sadie Anderson.

Edwards found hooping to be a great, fun way to lose weight.

"If I'm playing, maybe I can get my mind back in the game a little bit more so it's really a holistic movement. It's a mind, body and soul connection," the instructor said.

A second business branch grew from Hoop Bug. Charity Edwards is well-known for making custom hula hoops.

"We figure out the perfect size for their shape and height then we make them a custom hula hoop that's made for their size," the company owner added. "It's all about having the circumference of the hoop matching your body."

You may learn more about classes, custom hoops and Charity Edwards through Hoop Bug's website.

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