The Metropolitan Drug Commission has a warning about an online drinking game that's responsible for a number of deaths overseas.

The game is called "NekNomination".

According to Heather Sutton of the Metropolitan Drug Commission, the game started in Australia. There the term, "chugging" is referred to as "necking".

"And, basically what will happen is a person will chug an alcoholic beverage and post a video of it on social media and then nominate a friend to outdo their stunt," said Sutton.

She said those playing the game used to start out with a pint of beer, but now it's grown to include large bottles of liquor and other dangerous substances.

"Such as oil, some people have used goldfish," Sutton added.

The BBC reported at least five people have died in the United Kingdom as a result of the game.

So far, NekNomination has yet to spread to most American campuses. But, Sutton said the fear is that social media could change that.

"With the world of the internet, it can spread to America just as easily and that is the huge concern," she said.

And, some students at UT said they could see that happening.

"Yeah, because things spread really fast," said sophomore Steven Edenfield.

But, you won't catch him trying the game. He said it's not worth it.

"You're competing just to get more drunk and your judgement just falls over after that," he said. "So, it's just going to be really dangerous and kill somebody."

The Metropolitan Drug Commission said parents need to simply talk with their kids about these dangerous drinking trends. They say by talking to your child you can have a major impact on whether they take part in dangerous activities.

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