Monday at midnight is the deadline to get federal health insurance coverage and avoid a penalty if you are uninsured.

But once again the website to purchase it is causing major problems for last-minute applicants.

Healthcare.gov locked up Monday as people across the country rushed to the open enrollment deadline. But that doesn't mean they missed their opportunity; the deadline is a bit blurry, reported The Tennessean.

On health care website, people can attest they tried to use the website but couldn't get through or attempted another way to sign up before the deadline.

At Cherokee Health Systems enrollment Monday on Western Avenue, 304 people enrolled from 3 p.m. until midnight.

The certified application counselors had to resort to taking names and numbers because healthcare.govwas not working. The counselors said they would call each person back at a later date to schedule an appointment.

"HealthCare.gov has a lot of visitors right now!" the site reads, "We need you to wait here, so we can make sure there's room for you to have a good experience on our site."

The counselors also suggested people call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 as another option.

Problems are nothing new to the team of counselors at Cherokee Health Systems.

"We even nick-named that spinning thing, the circle of death, within our team," said Derrick Folsom, the team leader of Certified Application Counselors at Cherokee Health Systems, about the signal you receive while waiting. "But it has gotten better, it really has. We saw it again for the first time last night. But we know why. That's a lot of people."

With millions of people attempting to log onto healthcare.gov on the final day of open enrollment, the problems have returned. The Cherokee team made it through what they thought was the worst of it back in the fall, when it took hours to sign on.

For those who call into the Marketplace Call Center, they're told to leave their number, which marks a place "in line," and they will return their call to create an account after April 1st.

VIDEO: Folks react to healthcare glitches on deadline day

Groups around East Tennessee are helping sign up as many people as they can, but there is one big factor working against them besides the clock. 3-31-14

The team's leader says the website overloads in the beginning and end don't define his team's experience with the health care exchange.

"It's been really rewarding," Folsom said.

From November to March, Folsom and his counselors registered 750 people.

"I challenged the team let's get at least 400 more and we're well over the 1,100 mark where we actually saw people hit the button and are enrolled now," he said.

He said the successful outcomes far outweigh the negative.

The Obama administration extended the time you can purchase insurance to mid-April, but you need to create an account as soon as possible.

There is also "special enrollment" once the marketplace closes that allows you to register anytime of year if you have a major life-changing event like marriage or loss of income.

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