(WBIR-Knoxville) It's time to name two of the Knoxville Zoo's newest and cutest residents!

For the past few weeks, the zoo has been taking nominations for names for the brother and sister. They received more than a thousand suggestions, and have now narrowed the list to four choices.

The choices are:Tabei and Tenzing, Madeline and Tim, Shyla and Beaumont, and Summitt and Neyland.

Voting ballots are $1 each and votes can be cast online at or in person at the zoo. The first pair of names to reach the $5,000 mark or receive the highest number of votes by Friday, September 13, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. will be chosen as the cubs' official names.

All funds raised will go to support Knoxville Zoo's world-renowned red panda conservation program.

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The Knoxville Zoo is ready to name two of their cutest new residents, and they are asking for yourhelp to do it!

The red panda cubs were born on June 1, and are now 11 weeks old. They are just about ready to venture out of their nest box to meet the public.

The zoo says thefemale cubis quite feisty, and does not hesitate to demonstrate her ferocity with an intimidating "huff-quack"-a cross between a hiss and a bark- to keep strangers at bay.

Keepers say her brother appears to have inherited the easy-going personality of his father, Madan, and does not let anything "ruffle his fur".

The male and female cubs are healthy and being reared by first-time mother Scarlett.

The zoo encourages name submissions that pay homage to
the red pandas' native range in the Himalayan foothills of
Nepal, India and China or a name that honors the
community and culture of East Tennessee.

So what would you name these little cuties?

You can submit a name online at, by mail to
"Panda Names", P.O. Box 6040, Knoxville, TN, 37914 or in person at the Knoxville Zoo Shop located at the
zoo's front gate. Suggestions will be accepted through August 28th, 2013, and voting for the names chosen as the
finalists will begin August 31st, 2013. Zoo management will select finalist for public voting.

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