Anderson County commissioners have voted to start charging jail inmates for toiletries and items they use while behind bars.

Anderson County Law Director Jay Yeager says the idea is to take the burden of paying for inmate housing off the taxpayers and putting it back on the inmates.

Yeager says the inmates would not be charged more than the actual cost for the items they use.

Actual costs:
Inmate pants- $9.15
Inmate shirt- $7.59
Female gown- $6.90
Underwear- $.75
Female underwear- $.71
Female bra- $1.72
Socks- $.72
Shoes- $3.26
Towel- $1.15
Wash rag- $.13
Coat- $24.65
Mattress cover- $5.40
Blanket- $6.26
Toothbrush- $.04
Toothpaste- $.05
Deodorant- $1.15
Soap- $.03
Toilet paper- $.29
Razors- $.04
Sanitary napkins- $.05
Total = $70.04

Mattress = $36.90

Additionally, if inmates want to get their GED, go to a hospital for medical care, or attend a funeral home or a church for the death of a family member, they'll have to pay for it.

The new resolution will take effect Monday, August 19.

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