Dr. Jim McIntyre said in a letter Monday he's been meeting with teachers and school leaders over the last several weeks to talk about their instructional work has been going and how to better improve the process.

The talks have come in the form of two "Teacher Talk" town hall meetings, as well as School Board meetings and a survey filled out by teachers.

To continue the process, McIntyre said he is setting up a meeting with the school board as a way to try to address teacher concerns while still focusing on student success. Small groups of teachers, the Knox County Education Association President and at least one principal will also be a part of those discussions.

McIntyre said he will also address conferences of concern, which will be held out of teacher personnel files and stored separately. Before, those files would have stayed in a teacher's personnel file for the rest of his or her career.

McIntyre will also work to clarify the expectations teachers have for professional learning communities, which focus on collaborative work as a core principle in the county. McIntyre said he hopes to focus more on facilitating student progress rather than following the process and structure of the learning communities.

Teachers will also get another chance to talk about their perspectives in an anonymous survey, including on issues like classroom observation visits, both announced and unannounced, the new PARCC testing system, as well as their work in the classroom and ways to grow as educators.

McIntyre said he will have update on the talks in January.