Christmas is coming and that means Christmas tree stands are opening up around town. In the near future, these stands could be dealing with an issue that would shorten their supply and boost the price of your tree. This issue is called root rot.

One of the most common Christmas trees is susceptible to it. Fraser firs develop the problem when they are growing in areas with a lot of water.

According to Neal Denton with the University of Tennessee, North Carolina tree growers have started to see this problem more and more. Once the disease hits a grower's lot, they won't grow in that location again to avoid root rot in the future. This affects East Tennessee because many of the tree stands you see get their trees from North Carolina.

If the disease thins the population of Fraser firs, that would cause the prices of your tree go up.

"Part of the solution of this problem is they are looking at some other fir species that seem to be less susceptible. Some species from Asia, from Turkey and in that area that are not very susceptible to the root rot problems," said Denton.

Denton said in three years, everyone is likely to start noticing the price difference.