Knox County school teachers in the upcoming weeks will receive a 15-question survey that asks questions about a number of issues including classroom observation visits, field tests and assessments, perspectives on the work in their school and classroom, and evaluations.

The surveys will be anonymous. Teachers will fill out the bubble questions. The school system should get back that data some time in January. The survey also will have a section for additional comments, but that will take more time for officials to put together.

County and school leaders have been talking about such a survey since mid 2012, but debate has centered around whether they could keep the surveys anonymous as teachers said they were worried about retribution from top officials if they didn't like the answers.

Officials said the surveys won't require names. The county has 4,800 teachers. Officials said they hope to get back 2,000 to 3,000 responses.

The survey comes as a rift continues to grow

between teachers and the school administration