Christmas can be a financially stressful time for many families but for fifteen Walmart shoppers a Secret Santa helped ease some of that burden this week.

Kinzel Way Walmart Employee Allison Walker said it happened when she was working the layaway counters on a busy Thursday afternoon.

"We were really busy and this man was waiting in line for, I don't know, fifteen minutes?" said Walker. "He came to the other register and said he wanted to pay off fifteen layaways."

He targeted accounts with children's gifts and paid as much as $200 for fifteen customers and then left, without giving a reason or his name.

"As quickly as he came in and took care of these customers he was out-- just like that," said Manager Stephanie Austin.

It was an especially moving gesture for Walker. The man paid off $200 of the young mother's Christmas gifts for her four small girls.

"I'm a blessed mom," said Walker.

She says they've already had several customers come in to discover their accounts paid off. For one woman who came in Friday morning, Walker says, the gift was overwhelming.

"She wasn't going to get it out," said Walker of the customer's layaway order. "Her husband just passed away and she had an uncle in the hospital and we called her and she came in and was crying," said Walker.