(WBIR-Knoxville) Christmas is only days away and shoppers are checking off the last items on their lists.

"Super Saturday" is one of the busiest days of the year for retailers.

West Town Mall's parking lots were full for most of the day.

"First day shopping... I'm trying, I give up," said Johnny Tipton of Morristown.

Stores are hoping to draw in more customers by offering longer hours and bigger deals.

Sam's Club is letting the public shop the store without a membership for the weekend.

"Anybody who wants to come in and see our club they can join us free, without a membership, and hopefully we can turn them around and have them sign up," said Frank Marin, the membership marketing manager for the Sam's Club in East Knoxville.

Due to a late Thanksgiving, the time between Black Friday and Christmas is six days shorter than a year ago.

"Oh gosh, traffic is really busy. Really, really busy. That's the main thing," said Dianna Burmette, while shopping at Sam's Club.

For some stores, it's back to round-the-clock shopping hours.

Kohl's will stay open from now until Christmas Eve, for the first time.

Macy's and Kmart will also keep some of their stores open from now through Christmas Eve. By the time those retailers close, the stores will have been open for about 100 hours in a row. Toys R Us drew large crowds on Thanksgiving Day. It hopes to replicate that by staying open for 87 hours straight, starting on Super Saturday.

Target is trying to make up for earlier this week when news broke of a security breach affecting Target stores across the U.S. It involved information obtained from about 40 million credit and debit cards used in its stores between Black Friday and Dec. 15.

This weekend Target offered 10% off for its customers.