Brian Woods spent his Christmas morning in somebody else's living room.

This year, the Rural Metro firefighter delivered gifts to his friend Jonathan Hammond, who lives in the newest Sertoma Center house in East Knox County.

"I was told that he really didn't have much family around. So I talked with our union - the Knox Metro Firefighters Association - and said I'm going to need a little bit of money," Woods explained. "And they doubled it!"

Hammond, who lives with cerebral palsy, is an avid fan of the fire department. He first met Woods about two years ago, at South Doyle High School.

"He was a student there and he came out to the firefighting class that we teach," Woods said. "And he'd come in everyday that was possible and visit with us and participate and have a lot of fun."

The two developed a close friendship, and Jonathan got a behind-the-scenes look at a firefighter's job.

"He's learned how to use a fire extinguisher, and learned how to tie three or four different knots that we use and how to be a search and rescue victim," Woods said.

The money donated from the firefighter's association helped Woods purchase several firefighter-themed gifts for Jonathan. Christmas morning, Woods and his wife delivered the presents, and recruited a few on-duty Firefighters to stop by with a truck.

The crew spent the morning decorating Jonathan's room in a firefighter theme, while the young man directed the placement of each sign and flag -- a smile on his face the entire time.

"He basically found a spot in my heart and moved in," Woods said. "And I don't think he'll ever leave."

The Sertoma Center serves adults with developmental disabilities. This fall, 10News teamed up with the organization to help build the new home where Jonathan lives. You can read more about the new house at this link.