Heavy rain causes the Little Pigeon River to rise. Several people were forced to evacuate.


(WBIR - Gatlinburg) High water and the threat of flooding caused several to leave their East Tennessee homes on Saturday.

City officials said heavy rain caused the Little Pigeon River to rise several feet in a short time. As a result, a section of Hemlock Street was closed due to it being a low-lying area. Six people living in an apartment complex in Gatlinburg were evacuated.

Dottie Thompson, one of the six evacuated, said, "It was my day off. I was laying in bed, watching TV, drinking coffee. I heard a bang at the door. It was the police saying I had to get out." She continued, "I've lived here since October 2013 and my roommate, Carolyn, has lived here for 15 years and came close to evacuations, but she's never had to leave her home before."

According to Marci Claude, Public Relations Manager for the City of Gatlinburg, the rising river isn't rare.

After being closed for about three hours, the closed road was re-opened.

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