Several students and staff members of New Hope Christian School are sick with the flu. As a result, classes are canceled until Tuesday.


(WBIR - Corryton) New Hope Christian School is cancelling classes on Friday due to about one-sixth of the school's population being ill.

New Hope Baptist Church pastor Mark Large said the school has 67 students and 10 staff members. Thursday, 10 students were out sick. Of those, nearly half a dozen were confirmed flu cases. Three staff members were also out sick on Thursday, including the principal and two of her children who are sick with the flu.

Pastor Large says this is not the first time they have had to cancel classes because of the flu.

"I think maybe last year or the year before we also took a couple of days and it's just for precautionary," he said.

The pastor also added the cancellation will not negatively impact the rest of the school year.

"Even though they're unplanned, of course we don't ever want to have days due to sickness, we do have days planned into our school year in the event of this," Pastor Large said.

Custodians have been thoroughly cleaning the school, even more than generally done, to eliminate germs.

Students are expected to return to school on Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday. However, Pastor Large said teachers will stay in contact with students' families over the weekend and if more students become ill, there is the possibility classes will be canceled on Tuesday as well.

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