TVA is asking customers to conserve electricity because of this long stretch of bitterly cold days. The power provider expects an especially high need until Friday afternoon.

TVA asks you turn down the thermostat, turn off lights you don't need, and avoid using your dishwashers and dryers.

The request upset hundreds of people on our Facebook page Thursday who say they don't think they should cut back.

But some say they'll listen, including one family who is conserving for the safety of their son.

"My son who is three years old is pretty much dependent on power to live," said Mark England, whose son Griffen suffers from a condition that prevents him from having any muscle tone.

He can't breathe, swallow, or move on his own, and machines help him survive.

"He's vent dependent. He uses a feeding tube to eat with. We have to monitor his vital signs with medical equipment," explained England.

England says he's following through on TVA's advice, turning off lights when his family doesn't need them, and unplugging unused appliances.

"It's really important to have power all the time," he said.

Griffen's equipment has back up batteries, but if power is out too long the family has to seek shelter elsewhere, which is not an easy task when there are so many tubes and machines.

"There are power outages and having a power outage ourself is not fun. The little bit we can do to unplug things like turn a light off for the big picture, I don't mind doing that at all because I understand," he said. "I know it's not great if you have things you want to use or turn off a light, I think it would be something everybody can benefit from understanding. There's people out there that rely on power to live."

England says he understands it's an inconvenience. His family has unplugged stereos, iPads, phones and any electronic that isn't vital.

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