Many homeless shelters are taking in more people during this cold weather, and one shelter could use specific donations to help.

Knox Area Rescue Ministries says during this cold snap they've been averaging about 400 people a night. That's compared to about 225 people when it's warm.

If you would like to help, KARM has a list of needed donations on its website. During these winter months non-alcoholic cold medicine and tissues are always a top priority. It also says monetary donations are always welcome, especially when the weather takes its toll on their utilities.

"We are using extra water because of more people showering and cleaning and toilets flushing. We are using more and more heat because we are cooking more food, and we are using washers and dryers continually to wash all the towels," said Sue Renfro with KARM.

Other items needed include diapers, backpacks and batteries. You can view the entire list at karm.org/donate/karm-needs-list.

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