For all the trouble East Tennessee experienced during Tuesday's snow, for some the extra white brought some extra green to their pockets.

Tow companies like Sutherland Avenue Wrecker Services in Bearden took dozens of calls from stranded drivers all day, including stuck school buses and broken down tractor trailers. They already have a long list of appointments scheduled for Wednesday.

"We're already backed up for tomorrow. People who we couldn't get to today because they dropped in the ditch and roads were too icy to get to them," said Yvonne Mullins, whose family owns the business.

"Doesn't matter what it's doing outside, somebody has to be here," she said, as one of her drivers left for yet another call.

For those already home and warm, finding a hot meal was the next priority. That's where Rob Wynkoop made his snowday profits. The owner of Gyrene Burger on Cumberland Avenue said his day started slowly, and ended slammed.

"It's probably about two or three times what we normally do at this time of day," he said during the dinner hour.

"And it doesn't help that two of my drivers got stuck in the snow, so I'm a couple of men down tonight."

His newest driver even tackled the roads on his very first day of work.

"Bless his heart," Wynkoop said. "He's learning tonight for the first time what this is all about. Trial by fire, I guess!"

As each driver left for another route, both Wynkoop and Mullins shouted after them to be safe and smart when attempting to navigate the snowy, icy roads. And with each customer, they asked for patience.

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