(WBIR) The Meigs County Government is coming under fire for having what a recent audit described as an "unacceptably high number" of problems.

According to an audit released Wednesday by the state Comptroller's office, there were 20 areas of serious concern with practices in the Meigs County government. Thirteen of those 20 findings were from the director of finance's office.

The report stated issues with how the office handles county payroll, purchasing, budgeting and administration of state and federal grants.

In addition, a release from the state claimed the county had already been told about the majority of those problems. It stated that 16 concerns had been highlighted in previous audits but corrective action hadn't been taken.

Twenty findings is an unacceptably high number for any audit," Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said in a release about the audit. He also said that "It's particularly troubling to me that so many of these findings were also present in previous audits. Failure to follow sound management, budgeting and accounting practices creates a climate where fraud, waste or abuse of public money is more likely to occur. I hope that Meigs County officials will take these findings seriously and adopt steps to prevent the findings from appearing in future audits."

Anyone who suspects fraud, waste or abuse of public money in the state may call the Comptroller's hot line at 1-800-232-5454.

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