National Fitness Center recently opened a new location in the west Knoxville area.

(WBIR, Knoxville) - National Fitness Center recently opened a new location in west Knoxville.

The new facility is located on Walbrook Drive just off Walker Springs Road.

The new location features staples of other gyms including workout machines, a basketball gym, walking track, several pools, and a kids area. The gym also has "S.A.Q.," or speed, agility and quickness, facilities to help athletes reach the next level.

By having classes for all ages on site, the president said it helps everyone in the family achieve their goals.

"What usually happens during their season, is I'm usually sitting in the car trying to read a book, trying to find something to do while their going through their training. The nice thing about this is as I want them to get their next level of training, I bring them to the club with me. I know they are going to be taken care of, I know they are going to get the proper training to take them to the next level, but I can also work on my fitness while I'm here too," said Lee Sloan, President of National Fitness Center.

The new facility has been open for about a month.

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