(WBIR) Jay Leno hosted The Tonight Show for the last time on Thursday. He has interviewed thousands of guests in his 22 years, including some people from East Tennessee.

Seventeen years ago, John Dobbins was a fifth grader at Manley Elementary School in Morristown. His science fair project, "What makes my feet stink," beat out 70 other entries for first place.

Our Ken Schwall featured Dobbins in 1997. It then led to a trip to L.A. to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

"Everybody was kind about it and said, 'Oh there's old Stinky Feet.' Everybody would call me Stinky Feet and they still do," Dobbins said, now 28-years-old.

Jay Leno also interviewed Sonnie Mynatt of Washburn in 2009 during The Jay Leno Show.

Mynatt is known for her animal impersonations.

"When I was a kid there were two animal impressionists, both on Leno, and I used to tell kids in my class that I was going to be on Leno one day and they used to tell me I was stupid," Mynatt recalled.

Mynatt still does animal impersonations and hopes to one day work for Disney.

"It showed me that I have a lot more opportunity than I think I do," she said.

Dobbins recently graduated from Carson-Newman College with a degree in finance.

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