More than a hundred people discussed the future of the Seymour community Thursday evening. Community members and officials debated whether Seymour should become a city.

The debate turned heated between the two sides.

Supporters of the move said those against the proposal were more vocal than those for it. Officials say city residents of Seymour would have to pay on average an extra $17 a month to pay for government services.

Supporters say it would give the community more power to set goals and achieve them, but opponents worry how they would pay for it.

"We have no industry at all in here except two grocery stores and some other places. But they don't bring in enough revenue to warrant being a city," said resident Newell Haven.

"We'd be so much stronger. We'd have so much more voice. We could become a community - a real community by being a city. Right now it's just pockets here and there," said Joe Karl, member of Incorporate Seymour.

Supporters rallied for signatures and sent their petition to the state on Thursday. The state must authorize the petition, then supporters must get enough signatures before it can get on the ballot.

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