(WBIR) The prosecution rested its case on Wednesday morning during day 3 of the trial for a man accused of opening fire at Campbell County High School.

Kenneth Bartley is accused of of killing an assistant principal and injuring two other administrators at the school in 2005.

Wednesday morning's testimony came from two medical experts. The first, Dr. Doug Bachelor is an emergency room doctor who treated assistant principal Ken Bruce at the hospital. The second, Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan, was the medical examiner.

Defense Attorney Greg Isaacs questioned that even though the gun was on the body when fired, if they could tell whether it was accidental or on purpose. The medical examiner said they couldn't answer.

Following the testimony, the state rested its case. The defense then asked for a rule 29, in an attempt to acquit first degree murder and felony charges. Judge Blackwood denied the request.

After the motion, the judge gave the jury the afternoon off because he said the trial is going faster than anticipated.

The defense is scheduled to start calling witnesses Thursday morning.

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