(WBIR-Knoxville) Many lawn care companies are welcoming the official start of spring after a harsh winter postponed the busy spring season by about a month.

"I've talked to several today and they're like 'wait, it's busy? Oh my gosh the phones are starting to ring finally', so it's nice," said Brian Light, the owner of Weed Man, a lawn care company.

From laying fertilizer to weed control, Light said his technicians are going on about 50 calls a day.

"Pretty much fertilizer, getting the first round of fertilizer down," said Light. "Today we are doing a pre and post emergent weed control."

Light said thanks to the consistently freezing temperatures during the winter, business picked up four weeks later than usual.

"We've been working for two to three weeks now, and spring is finally here. But what we've seen in the past is grass germinating from March 15th to March 30th, but this year we're looking at later in April," said Light.

He said soil temperature is key.

"We have to have soil temperatures of 57 to 65 degrees for about 7 days. Today we are at 50 degrees. A month ago we were at 36. So we're a good ways away," explained Light.

While lawn care companies have been eager for warmer weather, tree service businesses have been raking in the profits.

"Usually we don't pick up until the middle of march, end of march, but we've been packed up since the middle of February so we've been rocking it this year," said Pierre Galloup, with Total Tree Service.

Galloup said most of the work has been tree removal.

"The soil is so wet right now, those pine trees get heavy, sap starts to come up, they're starting to uproot," said Galloup.

Total Tree Service was extremely slow during the winter months.

"It was hard. It was cold. It was wet. All the snow," said Galloup. "If it wasn't for firewood sales I don't think I would have made it."

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