(WBIR) Knoxville is doing a little better than Tennessee overall when it comes well-being, but not by much.

Report: TN 7th most miserable state

Gallup listed Tennessee in the bottom seven states when it came to well-being; Knoxville ranked in the bottom 40 in the U.S. out of 189 communities studied. Out of the four cities in Tennessee analyzed in the survey (Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga), Knoxville scored in the bottom two for Tennessee at No. 150.

Both Memphis and Nashville fared better than Knoxville in Gallup's measure of communities' well-being. Chattanooga was the only city in Tennessee ranked lower than Knoxville when it came to promoting sustainable and measurable well-being improvement. Chattanooga ranked in the bottom 11 of all communities studied, coming in at No. 179. Nashville earned the highest ranking in the state at No. 72; Memphis took second in the Tennessee at No. 135.

The Gallup-Heathways Well-Being Index interviewed more than 176,000 people from all 50 states last year. The survey measured the physical and emotional health of Americans across the country, using more than 50 metrics to identify well-being. Those metrics fell into broad categories like health, education, employment, and local environment.

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In states and communities with high well-being scores, residents were less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise regularly and learn new things every day. These positive behaviors can lower obesity rates and other common health problems.

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