One young woman is working to memorialize Will McKamey through t-shirts.

UT freshman Peyton Maddux knows the McKamey family through mutual friends, and wanted to do something to honor their loss. She also attended the Christian Academy of Knoxville -- an athletic rival school to McKamey's alma mater, Grace Christian Academy.

This weekend, she decided to design a t-shirt that showed support as Will fought for his life in a Baltimore hospital. When McKamey passed away Sunday, Maddux decided the shirt should still honor his memory.

"You never know why things like this happen," Maddux said. "You just have to trust in God and his sovereignty. And its a blessing to see how the whole nation has responded to Will's accident."

The front of the shirt reads "Live Like Will," a phrase started by McKamey's mother, Kara, which has picked up traction online and on social media around the country. Beneath the phrase is "24" -- the football player's jersey number.

The back of the shirt includes an image of two anchors -- to honor the Naval Academy where McKamey was enrolled -- and a Bible verse:

"Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven."

"Which is what Will based his light off of," Maddux said.

Maddux is placing orders for the shirts, which cost $20 each. She said the money that doesn't cover the shirt costs will be donated to the McKamey family to be used for expenses or any other way they choose to honor their son.

"I just want to get that word out, how he lived his life and what a blessing he was," she said.

Those interested in placing an order call contact Maddux by email, at pmaddux@utk.edu.

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