The Knoxville City Council has voted to extend an annual raise for hundreds of city workers after a heated meeting Tuesday night.

A proposal would have ended an annual 2.5 percent raise for nearly 800 police officers, firefighters, and public service workers who make more than $40,000 a year. More than 100 showed up to oppose the measure.

The city council voted six to three to keep the raise. Council members opposed to the raise said the city needs to save money because of a tight budget.

Workers we spoke with questioned if they are the best place to cut costs.

"Are we needed? I like to think we make the city what it is. To be honest with you, we work with council. I keep saying we're not looking for over and above. We're looking for average. we just want to be average," said Kevin Faddis, firefighter association president.

Also Tuesday, the city council approved a new plan to help the homeless. The plan would create affordable housing and better job options for those that need it.

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