We're learning more about the history of a high-profile Knoxville lawyer arrested on drug charges.

Authorities arrested Bruce Poston Tuesday after investigators said he illegally delivered hydrocodone to an unnamed person on three separate occasions. Poston has been licensed to practice law in Tennessee since 1996.

Before his arrest, he had 64 active cases in the Knox County. The Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility monitors the ethical conduct of lawyers in Tennessee. According to the board, the Tennessee Supreme Court has disciplined Poston several times in his career.

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The first case occurred November 4, 2005 when Poston served as the defense attorney to Marcus Branner.

Branner had been convicted of two counts of attempted second degree murder for his role in a deadly fight outside the Underground Nightclub in the Old City.

Shortly after Branner was convicted in that case, he asked for an appeal, but his lawyer, Poston, never filed one. Branner complained to the Board of Professional Responsibility who ultimately censured Poston for his actions.

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Just one year later, Poston once again find himself in trouble with the courts. He failed to file a brief in a case he was defending in the Court of Criminal Appeals.

The court asked Poston to explain himself and his actions, but he failed to show at his scheduled court date. After that, the court decided to hold Poston in contempt. He served 12 hours in jail and also paid a fine of 50 dollars.

Poston came under fire again in 2008.

Judge Richard Baumgartner held Poston in contempt for not devoting enough time to defending his client Letalvis Cobbins in the Chris Newsom and Channon Christian case. Poston was also suspended from practicing Tennessee law in 2010 for an entire month for failing to respond to a complaint of misconduct.

WBIR 10News reached out to Poston for comment. He did not reply.

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