(WBIR- Maryville) Foothills Church in Maryville was packed with people on Sunday. Lead Pastor Dr. Trent Stewart said Easter Sunday is always a big day for the church.

Sunday's celebration was two-fold for the church. Like most Christians, those who attended Foothills Church celebrated Jesus' resurrection. But the churchgoers at Foothills Church also celebrated the building's reconstruction.

On December 20, 2013, a flatbed truck slammed into the side of the church and took out a large portion of the building that is normally filled with children. Officials said the driver of the truck lost control after a mechanical issue. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the children's area was unusable. The church was forced to make room for the children in other areas.

Pastor Stewart said, "Our staff room got changed and my office was changed so that we could have a place for kids to be in a safe place on Sunday morning."

For four months, Leon Williams Contractors in Maryville worked on fixing the building and the children's area. Pastor Stewart said his goal was to have it all repair by Easter.

"Having it complete for Easter was a huge step for us because we knew we would have large crowds and we needed that space desperately," Pastor Stewart said.

The deadline was met and for the first time since the crash kids were able to walk into classrooms lined along Little Street, that's what Foothills Church calls its children's area which decorated with amazing wall paintings depicting a story from the Bible.

Pastor Stewart said, "God just shows up and always blows my mind. It's just a phenomenal day and one that we will always remember."

In addition to repairing its kids area, Foothills Church also made a few areas of the church a little bigger.

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