Homelessness continues to be a major problem in East Tennessee, according to a new study on the homeless in Knox County.

The study found almost 10,000 people accessed homeless services in Knox County last year, an 11% increase from the previous year.

The Knox County Homeless Coalition has been aggressively looking for a way to combat homelessness, and while some statistics are going up, they have seen success in others.

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"The number of homeless veterans have steadily decreased during the past 28 years. Currently 11% or 12% of the homeless are vets and that a commendable achievement," said Rodger Nooe, UT Professor of Social Work.

The coalition plans to keep tackling the homelessness problem.

They want to create and maintain affordable housing, increase economic opportunities, and find immediate help for those who need it.

They also want to call on the city for better coordination between agencies who work with homeless people.

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