(WBIR - Campbell County) People throughout Campbell County spent Tuesday cleaning up damage after a round of severe storms pummeled several communities Monday.

In the Wooldridge community southwest of Jellico, the constant buzz of chainsaws filled the air as crews cleared downed trees from roads. The storm damaged several homes and rearranged portions of the neighborhood.

"You see that house on the hill? It used to face the road. Now it faces my house. The storm picked it up and spun it 90 degrees," said Rick McNealy of Wooldridge.

McNealy has lived in the neighborhood that felt the brunt of the storm's wrath his entire life. Tuesday he joked about his own storm damage by calling it a yard sale where shoppers can buy a porch and carport cheap.

"That's the porch," said McNealy as he pointed several yards to the right side of his home. "It was in front of the house by the front door, but the storm ripped it off and did a lot of damage to the roof in the process."

McNealy stood in front of his home, now covered in blue tarps, and reflected on the good fortune that allows him to have a sense of humor about the storm. That light-heartedness exists because there were no injuries.

"Thank the Lord nobody got hurt. As far as I know there wasn't a scratch on anyone," said McNealy. "Mostly it's cleanup. Every neighbor I have is helping me work on this, putting up tarps. That's amazing."

The Campbell County Highway Department spent the day clearing trees from roads, especially along Indian Mountain.

All of the cleanup was done Tuesday with an eye to the sky. The forecast throughout the day called for the possibility of more severe weather in the evening.

"It could blow those tarps off and ruin the rest of the house," said McNealy. "Hopefully, we won't get too much wind or rain until we can get things patched up."

Tuesday capped a wild two weeks of weather for the northern portions of Campbell County. Tuesday the skies were sunny with highs in the 80s. Monday packed a wallop with incredibly high winds that demolished buildings. Two weeks ago on April 15, WBIR shot video of snow coating the ground and trees near Jellico.

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