Thursday, TVA unveiled some of the results of a three year energy-saving experiment at Melton Hill Dam.

TVA installed several energy-efficient tools at the dam's recreation area in 2011 to see how much energy they could save and create. The list included solar panels, a 70-foot wind turbine, low-flow bathroom fixtures and electric vehicle charging stations.

Three years later, TVA says it saved 27 to 30 percent in energy costs each year and cut the park's water use in half.

TVA hopes to apply the lessons learned at Melton Hill to other areas.

"What we want to demonstrate here are the things that really work well and that we can move on to other campgrounds, other day-use areas, other TVA facilities. Some of the things we've already implemented ourselves, such as the low-flow water faucets and things of that nature," said Bucky Edmondson,TVA senior manager of public outreach and recreation.

The solar energy the park generates goes back to the TVA power grid. TVA says the park saved and created enough energy last year to supply about four homes with power for a year.

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