(WBIR-Blaine) A group of residents in Blaine have seen results after forming a neighborhood watch in response to a string of burglaries.

At the peak of the break-ins, Grainger County Sheriff's Office deputies were searching for three inmates on the run.

"Our Grainger County sheriff was going through a very difficult situation at the time all of these break-ins were going on and they had limited patrol. So we knew as a community if we were going to be able to make a difference, to help observe and watch, we had to step in and help," said Darla Ramsey, with the neighborhood watch in Blaine.

Since starting the group a month ago, there has been one burglary in the area. That is compared to the 16 break-ins that happened in a month within a six mile radius, from Buffalo Springs Rd., through Indian Ridge Rd., down to Richland Rd.

"We feel safer than we did several weeks ago. I know I do since my break-in. I feel a lot safer now," said Shirley Irwin, whose home was broken into last month.

Burglar(s) stole Irwin's jewelry; most of the incidents have involved stolen jewelry.

According to Ramsey, the neighborhood watch includes the communities of Buffalo, Indian Ridge, New Corinth, and Richland. There are 14 team captains, each with their own members who take turns patrolling the neighborhoods.

"Every community should get to know their neighbors and form some type of watch program. Exchange your phone numbers and be able to contact each other and let each other know if there's something going on," Ramsey said.

Earlier this week, Grainger County Chief Deputy Charles Biddle spoke to 10News about the break-ins.

For about two weeks, state troopers and Bean Station officers helped patrol the area.

"There's been quite a saturation down there and it's pretty much stopped. Of course, we're still investigating the ones that happened," Chief Deputy Biddle said.

There have been no arrests made in connection to the string of 16 break-ins, involving mostly stolen jewelry.