(WBIR-Speedwell) After three years of work, Servolution Ministries free health clinic is open to the public.

The facility, housed in the former Powell Valley Vocational School in Speedwell, offers free services in general care, physical therapy, and soon dental work -- among other items.

CEO Edwin Robertson said volunteer work and donations were able to get this up and running.

"What you see here is a vast accumulation of many hours of volunteer work and the community outpouring," said Robertson. "I showed you the panoramic x-ray dental machine. Fella saw the WBIR broadcast back in the spring, and he called the next day to give us that panoramic x-ray machine."

Servolution's goal is to give medical care for those in need and to serve an area that does not have medical services on hand -- specifically northern Tennessee and and southern Virginia and Kentucky.

Robertson stated in a recent study, nearly a third of all Claiborne County residents do not have health care. Fifty-six percent of the residents haven't seen a dentist in three years.

He said more is still needed to help the clinic thrive.

"We have a great need for small dental tools and supplies in the dental area, because the dental care actually costs us a lot more than the medical care does," Robertson said.

For more information and hours and times, visit Servolution's website.