As conditions start to clear up along highways and main roads around East Tennessee, rural counties are still dealing with ice covered roads.

In Cocke County, they were hit hard by the icy conditions. The Highway Department said the icy roads were so bad they had to stop for the day. They will be back out treating them again in the morning.

Cocke County isn't the only place struggling with enough resources to cover the roads.

The Union County Highway Department has been patrolling the roads since the snow hit.

Since this county is filled with hills and narrow passages, creating a safe roadway can be tricky.

David Cox is the road superintendent in Union County. His rural county has limited resources and a tight budget. Cox says in order to keep costs down while maintaining the roadways, they spread a fine gravel substance over the ice called "Chat."

Its purpose is to create traction on top of the ice for cars to drive safely on until the ice melts.

As the community awaits the warmth to melt away the dangerous roads, they are finding other uses for them. One group of young men from Union County took their 4-wheelers for a spin around the neighborhood.

While they have made their way around town, they noticed multiple cars that slid off the road.

Justin Schreieck lives in Maynardville where his neighborhood is covered in ice.

"I have lived here about five years now. From my house out to Highway 33, which is only about a mile and a half, it is solid ice like this road here," said Schreieck.

He said his neighbors know it's inconvenient, but have learned to cope with the conditions through slower driving and taking their time.

Union County does still plan to have a crew out overnight. And in Cocke County they will be back out early Tuesday morning.

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