A nationally recognized Knoxville Police unit will soon have a new training facility thanks to a generous donation.

The Wood family worked with the Legacy Parks Foundation to donate land next to KPD's headquarters to the city. Leaders announced Monday that the land will be used to build a new K-9 training facility.

Police chief David Rausch says KPD's current facilities on Prosser Road were built in the 80's by volunteers. The unit has expanded extensively since then, and the facility is now old and inadequate. The city has been looking for a place to house a new facility for more than a year.

The new location will make the daily commute much easier for K-9 handlers.

"They currently have to drive out to Prosser, pick up their partner, and then come to work. This is going to make it so much easier because the drive, of course, is going to be right across the street. So the pick up and transferring and getting back and forth to the office is going to be a whole lot easier for both the handlers and the dogs," said Chief Rausch.

The new development will also include a public dog park.