Business owners in Knoxville's Old City say they're dealing with an explosion of unwanted artwork.

This weekend graffiti artists spray painted several buildings along Jackson Avenue. As we told you in a 10News report on Saturday, Knoxville leaders say they've seen a significant increase in graffiti in the city during the last two months.

While some may consider it artwork, the owners of the buildings say it's vandalism, and the unwanted paintings are expensive to repair.

"Probably, all told around $5,000 to $10,000 to get all of the graffiti off of my buildings. I think quite frankly, if the artists feel like it's art, they need to put it on some kind of blank canvas," said Brad Johnson, Old City property owner.

"With all the energy that everyone in the Old City is trying to put into redeveloping and bringing new life down here, this is problematic for us," said Julie McWhorter, building owner.

The owners of the McWhorter building say this weekend's graffiti is more than eight feet tall and in a difficult spot to reach. Removing the paint will cost them more than $9,000.

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