Two adorable new red panda cubs now call the Knoxville Zoo home.

Xue Li (pronounced ZHOO-lee) was born June 20 at the Cleveland Zoo. Delilah was born July 20 at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Both female cubs will be hand-raised in Knoxville on the recommendation of the Red Panda Species Survival Plan, since their own mothers were not able to adequately care for them. They will be peer-raised, which allows the cubs to interact with a companion to learn appropriate social behavior.

Their arrival doubles the cuteness in the zoo's red panda nursery, which is already home to Tenzing and Tabei, two red panda siblings who will be six months old December 1. They are being raised by first-time mom Scarlett in the habitat next door. All red panda cubs can be seen daily.

These cubs, along with all other red panda cubs born in the U.S. this year, can trace their lineage back to ancestors born at Knoxville Zoo, the leading zoo in the world for the breeding of this species.

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