A Knoxville man was shot and killed Saturday night on Woodbine Avenue. While police are searching for any suspects, family and neighbors of the victim are mourning the loss.

Jack Hutchins Jr. was called by many a fixture of the neighborhood. Whenever someone was in need of help, Hutchins was there to offer a helping hand.

He raised eight kids with his five-year girlfriend Beth. His oldest son Matthew is remembering the good times with his dad.

"Down the street there is a porch on the house. That was the last project I ever did with him," said Matthew.

Hutchins was a carpenter and developed a reputation for helping everyone around him with their home improvement needs. Some of the neighbors said he would make everyone feel like they were part of his already large family.

"He would get up at 6:30 a.m. to get the kids started and off to school. Then when the blinds come open, I would know the coffee was ready and that was my signal to come over and get the coffee," said neighbor Sammy Frady.

Lori Dann lived two doors down from the Hutchins family.

"Every encounter I had with Jack has been really just like family and almost like a best friends kind of thing," said Dann.

She and a couple of the other neighbors are going to pitch in to help this family in need during the holiday season.

"Anything from food to monetary gifts to anything. You know they have two dogs. So even dog food. I have dogs as well so I know how important that is," said Dann.

It's a tough time for Matthew Hutchins and his family, but he is confident his family will make it through the pain.

"I know he is looking down on us and wants us to make it and I know he's listening to me right now and I just want to let him know that we're going to make it. It's going to be ok," said Matthew.

A candlelight vigil for Jack Hutchins Jr. will be held Tuesday night at 8 p.m. in front of the Hutchins home. It was organized by friends of the family.