Dozens in East Knoxville remembered a man they called a fixture in the lives of many.

Jack Hutchins was bringing home dinner to his family last weekend on Woodbine Avenue in East Knoxville. Police say Hutchins was shot several times as he was getting out of his truck. Police say they are still searching for suspects in Hutchins' death.

Tuesday, his family, friends, and neighbors gathered to honor the neighborhood handyman. They held candles, sang Amazing Grace, and said prayers as they cope with the tragedy.

While his family is mourning the loss, the support from the community shows how many people Hutchins touched in his life.

"It was overwhelmingly heart warming, inspirational, and amazing for all the people who showed up tonight to be here," said Jessica King, Hutchins' cousin.

If you have any information about Hutchins' death, please call the police at (865) 215-7212.