(WBIR) Hundreds of people got free medical, dental, and vision care today courtesy of the Remote Area Medical Clinic in East Knoxville.

Volunteers said people began lining up overnight for Saturday's clinic at the Jacob Building in Chilhowee Park.

Doctors, dentists and optometrists gave free exams, teeth cleanings, and vision testing.

RAM's Director said these clinics are important for some people because it's the only way they will get medical attention.

"Regardless, some people who are employed are really under-insured. So, the dental side and the vision side is a large part of it -- about 95% of the people who come want that service. So, it's really important because even with some of the working public, they still need those services they can't afford," Ron Brewer said.

Brewer also said Saturday's clinic served more than 550 people.

The RAM clinic will be open again on Sunday and Brewer said he expects them to serve around 300 more people.

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